Many farmers consulted the rapeseed field herbicides acesulfame-methyl and quizalofop-pure which are better used. In fact, these two herbicides are better varieties of rapeseed herbicides. Just choose the most appropriate one depending on the specific situation. The China Pesticide Network Xiaobian specifically analyzes the precautions of the two herbicides in use so that farmers can make better choices:
Quinagrafing quizalofop is a foliar sprayed post-emergence herbicide used to control annual grass weeds in winter rapeseed fields, alfalfa, goosegrass, crabgrass, foxtail, wild oats, and maiden Wait. Look at the Mai Niang, Valerian, and Bismuth. Safe for winter rape.
The dosage of the preparation:
Winter rapeseed field: annual grass weeds, pesticide manufacturers recommend, 46.2-59.4 g / ha, stem and leaf spray.
Amphetamine benzenesulfuron 5% (wettable powder) is a systemic selective sulfonylurea herbicide that is absorbed by the stems, leaves and roots of weeds and is transported in the plants, and the weeds stop growing. The leaves are chlorotic. Can prevent winter rapeseed field annual broadleaf weeds such as mother chrysanthemum, wild sesame, spring sorghum, wild mustard, leeks, sorghum, pork chop, broken rice bran, big nest vegetables, ragweed, maiden, mud Notes such as dishes, winter rapeseed (transplanting field) annual broadleaf weed 30-40 g/mu stem and leaf spray (1) hectares of preparation amount = acre of preparation amount × 15
(2) Total active ingredient concentration value (mg/kg) = (formulation content × 1000000) 稀释 preparation dilution factor)
1. Winter rapeseed is transplanted to live plants 7-10 days after transplanting, and applied in front of weeds or early post-emergence.
2, Brassica napus is more resistant to this product, and mustard-type rapeseed is sensitive. The rapeseed seedlings in the 1-2 leaf stage stem and leaf treatment have phytotoxicity, which is a dangerous period, and the 4-5 leaf stage is a safe period.
3. The herbicide is sensitive to rice. It is not safe for rice (salt, live field) and corn, but it is safer to plant cotton, peanuts and soybeans in the later stage. Spraying at the recommended dosage and soil pH value <7 The interval between pesticides is more than 180 days, which is safer for transplanting rice.


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