"There were a lot of customers who were interested in signing an agreement with us these two days. Today, I signed two big orders on the spot." Mario came from Italy, this is his second visit to the Expo, and the effect is better than expected. “In 2012, several companies from Italy came together. Although the booth was not big, the scene was good, so I packed a special booth this year.”

In order to enter the Chinese market, Mario's company established a branch office in Shanghai. “Process, design, manufacturing, etc. are all Italian, and the locks on the high-end line are suitable for the Chinese market that is now pursuing high-end fashion.”

"There is an old saying in China: Good doors are equipped with locks. This is also the place that Yongkang is most attracted to me." According to Mario, Yongkang is the largest and most professional production base in the country. High-end lock companies like Motula can Find the most suitable partner in Yongkang, improve the overall quality of the products, and develop the group.

Rare Earth Calcium Suiphoaluminate

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