Today, with the growing economic level, the concept of time has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but the wall clock at home is not only a function of time, we can use it to match the overall home, to play a decorative role. Whether a person is punctual has become the basis for measuring one's self-cultivation. It is a very good decoration, so there must be a beautiful and practical wall clock in your home. Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the watch wall clock brand and purchase skills!


First, the clock wall clock brand

1. Overlord power Shenzhen Bawang Industrial Group Co., Ltd., wall clock-alarm clock top ten brands, started in 1988, Guangdong famous brand, Shenzhen famous brand, watch industry influential brand, focusing on precision molds, precision electronics and precision watches R&D and manufacturing of private leading companies,

2, noblelord lordking Weihai New Oriental Watch Co., Ltd., wall clock-alarm clock top ten brands, one of the largest domestic enterprises in the same industry, one with complete product manufacturing and strong strength, one of the major manufacturers of Chinese watches and clocks,

3. Yimei emax Fuzhou Yimei Electronics Co., Ltd., wall clock-alarm clock top ten brands, Fujian famous brand, export key brand of the Ministry of Commerce, Fujian high-tech enterprise, Fuzhou enterprise technology center, dedicated to research and development for global customers , manufacturing, sales, service in one of the high-tech enterprises

4, sisense Xicheng Shi Changzhou Jingke Industrial Co., Ltd., wall clock - alarm clock top ten brands, from the German high-quality wall clock brand, the most professional production of high-quality quartz clock products in the country, with top design and management talents in the industry And covering the domestic and international marketing and service network Changzhou Jingke Industrial Co., Ltd.

5. Fidelity FUDA (founded in 1989, has won the Chinese famous brand, Guangdong famous brand, Guangzhou quality product award, the product has a high reputation, Guangzhou Fuda Watch Industry Co., Ltd.)

6, Uranus Telesonic (in 1967, the famous quartz watch brand, dedicated to the development of clock production and development, wall clock - alarm clock top ten brands, Guangzhou Uranus Technology Co., Ltd.)

7. West Malaysia Xima (created in 1958, one of the earliest watch brands in China to produce metal-clad quartz clocks, watch industry star enterprise, Jieyang Xima Watch Industry Co., Ltd.)

8, Sisense Xicheng Shi (from the German brand, has the top design in the industry, the most professional production of high-quality quartz clock products in China, Changzhou Jingke Industrial Co., Ltd.)


Watch wall clock purchase tips:

Generally speaking, first determine whether the style of the wall clock is simple or colorful. It is avant-garde or retro. It is round or square, or it is a heterosexual style. Try to choose some decorative images. wall clock. This will have a more straightforward sense of the actual decorative effect of the wall clock. It is recommended to choose a wall clock with a diameter of 34cm (or above), and a diameter of 30cm is preferred.

The selection of wall clock quality is particularly important. The quality of the wall clock includes raw materials, workmanship (frame grinding, exterior printing, molding technology, etc.) and several key aspects of the movement. The most important thing is the movement, and the movement is based on the naked eye. It is impossible to observe, so Xiao Bian reminds everyone to choose a quality wall clock to pay attention to the brand, should try to choose a brand with high visibility.

When choosing a wall clock, we also need to pay attention to the style of the room to be selected. In order to increase the overall aesthetics, try to choose a wall clock with a decorative effect. The above is the series of clocks and wall clocks and the shopping tips that Xiaobian introduced to you today. It is over here. If you want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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