Nowadays, households generally use electricity, so there will be a switch socket. We can energize the appliance through the switch socket, but the quality and brand of the switch socket are also many kinds, so when we are shopping Need to be carefully selected, then what are the household switch socket brands? How to buy the home switch socket? The following is a small series of decoration home network to introduce to you.


First, the household switch socket brand

1. Hongyan: The professional supplier of building electrical connection and building electrical control system, the first to use the bulletproof rubber to manufacture the panel, the texture is firm, the flame retardancy is good; the conductivity is good, and the arc is suppressed.

2. Simon; that Siemens was founded in 1847 in Germany and is one of the electromechanical/electrical engineering and electronics companies. Since 1993, Siemens has been producing switch socket products, which are characterized by durability and environmental protection.

3. Simon: There is Simon from Spain, which is one of the enterprises that introduces European-style switch sockets to China, and has great influence in the field of home electrician decoration. There are four major series of products produced by Simon Electric Group in China: 50 series, 58 series, 59 series, 60 series.

4. Flying Eagle: It is a domestic brand like the Bull, and it has a history of 20 years. The quality of the high-end products under its brand is very good, and the quality of the products is generally above average.

5. Bull: As the leader in the domestic switch socket industry, the Bull Switch socket wins the recognition of users with its excellent quality. It can be said that it is a quality switch socket on the market.


Second, how to buy a home switch socket

1. Calculate the number of switch sockets: When purchasing the switch socket, first calculate the number of switches and sockets when decorating. Install several switches and sockets in the living room and bedroom to ensure convenient household electricity, household switch socket Installation should be more than less, and not too much, you should first design the location.

2, design and installation of the location of the socket: the general socket is installed 0.3m away from the ground, split air conditioning should be reserved 1.8m off the ground, for TV and other electrical appliances, sometimes need more than one outlet, maybe a few The sockets are arranged side by side. For the kitchen, the refrigerator socket is 0.3 meters above the ground, and the height of the range hood generally needs to be 2m.

3, the estimation of the switch socket specifications: the socket in the room seems to be similar, but there are still many differences. Sockets generally have 6A, 10A, 16A. For high-power appliances such as air conditioners, you need to select 16A or more sockets with switches to ensure the safety of household electricity. Generally, the regular socket models will be printed on the back of the socket. For example, the back of the West Field socket is very clearly marked with the model of the switch socket.

Household switch sockets are more common in our lives. The general family will have the tools, so what are the brands and purchase methods of household switch sockets? I think you have read the introduction of the above series and understand them. Then if you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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