Joined Xintai Dynasty wooden furniture, the company will provide detailed and effective pre-job training, such as shop operation skills, tour guide skills, product knowledge, store layout skills, market forecasts, financial management knowledge, can make you comfortable in the future, become retail And marketing elite.

Xi'an Xintai Furniture Co., Ltd., founded in the early 1990s, is a mosaic and beautiful civilization in the ancient city of Xi'an. The company covers an area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters and has more than 500 experienced and skilled workers. It is a large-scale civil solid wood furniture manufacturing company that sets furniture production, development and sales. Xi'an Xintai Furniture Co., Ltd. has been mainly made of Russian oak oak imported from the date of the establishment of solid wood furniture of Xintai Dynasty, also known as Ash; northern oak, wood is hard, texture is clear, high strength, high value Due to its unique stripe pattern, it is unique in the world. Qualifications and honors: 2000, 2001 on the famous ten provinces and city brands in the country. In 2001, it won a trustworthy brand of 3.15 consumers. In 2002, it won the national A-level product.
2004 2005, Brand List of Green Products (China) The Most Competitive Brand in the Western Furniture Industry 2006 Winner of the 2007 Green Furniture Industry Unit 2008 Corporate Product Designation Service Unit 2009 2009 China Famous Brand China Excellent Green Brand 2010 The trusted brand in Xi'an Furniture Fair inspects the integrity of the solid wood furniture in the Shaanxi provincial quality supervision 18 provinces and cities, will launch a new American pastoral style products, mainly by the old beech wood, tough, straight texture, pattern Clear wood, good elasticity, high temperature resistance, and wear resistance, raining trees means that furniture is not just a tradition, but also a culture, a taste, a style. Therefore, beech wood furniture has gradually become more and more popular furniture.

Jia Li Jiaju tells you how to buy 3 indoor decoration materials
1, in the selection, there are usually two tables, according to the original design and single-buy details, rather than what material selected after what material, which will lead to an increase in the finished product, the other is based on the interior decoration materials offer, You can choose according to your needs and budget.

2. Regardless of the choice of building materials and the quality requirements, we all know that the same products and different brand quality are not the same. Of course, the prices are also very different. Therefore, when choosing, the impact must be on the overall quality of the product. , thereby reducing the probability of buying large amounts of poor quality products.

3, for healthy living, most people attach great importance to the environmental performance of building materials, especially in recent years, the public's health awareness is becoming stronger and stronger, so environmental protection decorative materials have occupied a very important position, so when purchasing In order to ensure health and safety, part of the building materials, environmental protection cannot be underestimated.

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