Tiles are one of the materials often used in decoration. Tiles are mainly divided into wet and dry. Among them, dry hanging is mainly applied to large-size tile paving on the wall, especially for large-scale tile exterior drywall paving, and the dry-hanging paving tiles are superior to conventional wet tiles whether effect or stability. . So how construction tile hanging it, what are the advantages of it hanging tiles, the following paper to tell you under the bar.

Dry hanging tile method

1, tile preparation

Firstly, the color of the tiles is selected and classified by the colorimetric method; the colors of the tiles installed on the same surface are kept the same, and according to the design size and the requirements of the drawings, the special mold is fixed on the bench drill and the stone is punched. Then brush the unsaturated resin on the back of the stone. Before the tiles are first brushed, the tiles are numbered on the tiles and the dust and impurities on the tiles are removed.

2, the wall grid distribution and installation of skeleton

First clean up the structural surface of the dry-hanging tile part, and then the position of the skeleton is bombed onto the main structure. The line-releasing work is performed according to the axis and the elevation point. The theodolite is used to control the verticality, the leveling line is used to measure the horizontal line, and it is marked on the wall. Generally, the position of the vertical rod member is ejected to determine the anchorage point of the vertical rod member. After the vertical rod member is arranged, the position of the transverse rod member is projected on the vertical rod member.

3, install the tiles

Drill holes and fix anchors. Slot holes in the two ends of the slate. The center of the hole is 80-100 mm from the end of the plate, and the depth of the hole is 20-25 mm. Then drill a hole with a diameter of 8-10 mm corresponding to the wall of the marble plate. Insert one end of the stainless steel expansion pipe bolt into the hole and fix it. One end hangs anchors.

4, device tile bottom plate

First, the bottom tile is set according to the orientation of the stainless steel anchor fixed to the wall. Before the bricks are officially hanged, the seam width of the bricks and the orientation of the stainless steel hooks should be properly adjusted. The top surface of the brick is uneven, and can be adjusted by inserting the corresponding double-stranded copper wire mat on the lower end of the bottom of the brick. When adjusting the straightness, you can adjust the size of the vacant space on the top surface of the brick from the wall until the brick surface is straight, and tighten the bolts to fix the stainless steel ridge.

5, device up board

First, insert the adhesive into the backboard slot of the next row of boards, clean the remaining glue, and then place the tiles on the top row in accordance with the device bottom board. After checking the quality of the device, it is fixed at the end.

Dry hanging tile advantages

1, purchase and maintenance prices lower than natural stone

At present, the prices of drywall tiles for different brands on the market range from RMB 400 to RMB 2,000. Compared with natural marble with very high construction cost, the weight of drywall tiles is reduced by about 50%, which greatly reduces the cost.

2, more environmentally friendly and beautiful

Dry-laid tiles have advantages over other tile-laying methods. Dry-hanging tiles are easy and easy to use, construction is simple and fast, and simple construction can achieve the desired effect. And better protection of the performance of the tile, to ensure that the tile is solid and reliable, not easily deformed.

The article concludes: The above is about the dry-hanging tile construction method and the related introduction of dry-hanging ceramic tiles , hoping to bring us help. The dry-hanging tiles are mainly used for large-size tile paving, so that our decoration is more solid and fine.

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