In order to achieve the “opening the door” of the industrial economy in the park in 2018, after the Spring Festival holiday, the innovation measures of the Shanshan Stone Industrial Park encouraged the park enterprises to resume production as soon as possible, and they will work hard to make the production and operation “open the door”. Under the circumstance of the gradual recovery of the market, the park enterprises took the initiative to adapt to the new normal, accelerated the pace of restructuring and restructuring, adhered to steady progress, improved the quality and efficiency of development, and promoted the steady growth of various economic indicators in the park. In January-February, the park realized a total industrial output value of 561 million yuan, an increase of 396% over the same period of the previous year (113 million yuan); the industrial added value reached 111 million yuan, an increase of 258% over the same period of the previous year (31 million yuan). Among them, the iron industry has promoted the economic growth of the park, and has become the leading industry in the development of the park. The output value of Hengchang Foundry, Jinhui Selective Metallurgy, Jinhui Casting Pipe and Tema Metal Products has increased significantly compared with last year. From the situation of the industrial economic operation of the park in the first two months, with the continuous operation of the Hesheng series of projects, the continuous rise of steel product prices, and the park actively promote the transformation of industrial economic development mode, improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth, the industrial economy of the park will Continue to maintain a steady growth momentum.

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