At the time of renovation, we always want to look good, but considering the practicality, we can only give up some things. Today's home decoration network Xiaobian recommended a "copper pendant" sphere decoration for everyone, no matter what style of decoration, can look more upscale, let your home decoration, no lack of practicality, but also more beautiful and beautiful!


Dark blue and white contrasting beautiful home office. Due to the large size of the dark walls, you may feel a little pressure, but the bookshelf or the chair shown in the photo, soothing this pressure with white, adds a charming rose gold "copper pendant" that changes the whole house. Feel, and, because the mirror is reflected indoors, the color of the space is repeated and produces an interesting rhythm.


The unique wall and floor design is impressive, the charcoal grey restaurant furniture will make people feel cool, have a cold atmosphere, but with the plants grown in glass vases, and the modern color of the rose gold "copper pendant" "Applications, the space adds a little softness. It's like a serious man, with a gentle lady, this feeling is totally different!


If you don't have to pursue anything, just hang these few, because the difference in height and position, the expressive power and the impact on space are also very different. Although this is a simple and calm space, the gray or pale pink restaurant with the "copper pendant" of rose gold, the entire space has a texture, the space atmosphere immediately got a sublimation!


This charm is also suitable for natural wooden furniture and white interiors. The mirrored texture creates a refined restaurant atmosphere. This is also a point in series at a slightly lower position. As the center of gravity decreases, the sense of uneasiness appears, and the presence of a similar object is prominent because it becomes easy to enter the line of sight.


This kind of decoration will give an elegant impression. The "copper pendant" is in a more conspicuous place, but there is no discomfort in this place. On the retro-style table with old materials, the gray on the wall and the yellow on the armchair and the dining chair are impressive spaces. Combined with this retro furniture, it will become a little warmth.

I don't know if you have watched the "Bronze Pendant" home decoration introduced by the decoration home network Xiaobian. Do you like it too? It's really suitable for use in any home improvement space, and it can make your home improvement even better! For more exciting content, please also pay attention to our decoration encyclopedia!

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