An article published by the Malaysian "China Daily" stated that the British inventor Brian Harper was often able to see the dog's excrement on the road near his home, which made him troubled. For this reason, he spent several years studying how to use dog feces to generate electricity, and finally developed a street lamp that can be used to generate electricity from dog feces.

Profile picture: A puppy playing in the snow.

The article is extracted as follows:

British inventor Harper said that in the UK, an average of 700,000 tons of dog dung is produced each year, more in the United States and 10 million tons. In order to find use for these seemingly useless things, Harper transformed the commercial biodegrader, using dog dung as fuel, to develop a "manure circuit lamp."

Harper set up the first "swine circuit lamp" in the Malvern hills in Worcestershire, England.

During the power generation process, the people dumped paper bags containing dog feces into the collection bins under the street lights and turned the handles 5 down to 6 to screw the broken paper bags into the biodegrader. The shit will be broken down by microorganisms to produce bio-gas to drive the gas light.

Harper said, roughly, about two hours with about 10 bags of dog feces. This green energy-saving street light is still in the transformation phase, and Harper hopes to spread it to the rest of the world in the future.

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