Terrazzo flooring is a relatively common floor type. It is mainly applied to the ground in public areas, such as the hotel lobby, hospitals, etc. Of course, some living rooms in home improvement will choose this kind of floor. What's so good about terrazzo floors ? How do we do a good job of terrazzo floor construction? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

One, terrazzo floor is good

1, terrazzo floor advantages

The brightness of the terrazzo is particularly high, especially the high-grade terrazzo. After the surface light is highlighted and treated, its high brightness can reach 70-90 degrees or more, and it also has good dust-proof and anti-slip ability, and can not afford dust and cleanliness. Comparable to the quality of marble, it is also suitable for high purity environments such as pharmaceuticals and chip manufacturing.

Terrazzo wear resistance is also good, the surface hardness of 6-8, will not crack when exposed to heavy pressure, can withstand heavy rolling, will not be deformed or shrink. Terrazzo also has a very good decorative nature, can be produced now, you can splicing different colors. Not only that, terrazzo is used on the floor, but also has the advantages of non-combustible, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-fouling, and environmental protection.

2, terrazzo floor defects

The terrazzo floor is mainly made of gravel mixed with cement and polished to give a shiny surface. Since it is a concrete product, it has a light weight. A terrazzo floor has a weight of almost 5kg and a larger terrazzo floor. It is even heavier, so its transportation is more laborious.

Although terrazzo is resistant to corrosion, it is not suitable for use in high corrosive areas and is not suitable for cleaning terrazzo floors with highly corrosive cleaners, otherwise it will cause serious corrosion of the floor and shorten its service life. Not only that, terrazzo flooring has the disadvantage of being non-waterproof and highly permeable, so it cannot be cleaned with a lot of water, it will also damage and pollute the terrazzo floor.

Second, how to do a good job of terrazzo floor construction

The first step: do leveling

The terrazzo floor should be leveled before construction. You can use a 1:3 dry hard cement mortar for leveling. Use a pressure rule to level the mortar with a screed and then use a wooden trowel to grind and compact it.

The second step: sub-tile mosaic

Then use a pure grout to secure the lower area of ​​the dividing strip and the wire is buried well. It is required that the smearing height of pure grout be less than 3-5 mm from the score grid, and the joints should be tight and flat.

The third step: wipe the grout surface layer

To equip a good terrazzo flooring adhesive material, that is, gravel groovy, it needs to be strictly measured according to the ratio, it is wiped on the floor, and then use a hair to sweep open and open the slurry twice, with iron trowel leveling and compaction, Flooding can be done, and the stones on the top of the grid are removed.

Step 4: Polishing

Finally, a large-area grinding is carried out using a mechanical grindstone machine. For a small area and corners, a small-sized portable grinding machine can be used for grinding, and the machine can not be ground and can be ground manually.

Editor's Editor: Editor's Note: The above is about the terrazzo floor , what is good, and how to do a good job in the construction of terrazzo floor. I hope that the sharing brought by Xiaobian can help everyone, if you want to learn more about the relevant aspects, you can Pay attention to our website information.

Terrazzo floor

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