Many people now use wallpaper when they are in their home. Compared with other wall materials, they not only have more designs but also have the advantages of affordable price and convenient replacement. Now on the market a wide range of wallpaper, they are very different in the selection and production process, so good what of the wallpaper? What are the common wallpaper it? The following article will be on these issues and for everyone to be shared, look forward to Can help to need friends.

What is good wallpaper - PVC material

There are many varieties of wallpaper on the market today, and there are big differences in their prices. If your current budget is limited, it is recommended that you choose PVC material wallpaper, this type of wallpaper is rich in variety or color, and the flexibility is better, scrub resistance, sound-absorbing insulation effect, but relatively speaking, the smell Relatively heavy, airtight, and poor in environmental protection, the general market price ranged from RMB 50-300 per roll.

What is good wallpaper - non-woven material

If you are pursuing the environmental protection of your home, it is recommended that you choose a non-woven wallpaper. This kind of wallpaper is made of non-woven fabrics and printed with fine patterns. This kind of wallpaper has the advantages of pure color, visual comfort, lighter shade, flexible, not easy to age and break, good ventilation and moisture resistance, etc. However, the color of non-woven wallpapers is less, and most of them are solid colors, and the prices are slightly higher. At 80-400 yuan/volume.

What is good wallpaper - fabric material

If you want to make your home wall look more upscale and beautiful, you may wish to use fabric wallpapers. The main component of this type of wallpaper is fabric fiber or natural material, so it has a good texture, and has good air permeability, but the surface is easy to accumulate dust, difficult to clean, the current market price of about 40-200 yuan per square meter .

What is good wallpaper - gold foil material

In order to meet the needs of high-end customers, gold foil material wallpapers are introduced in the market. These wallpapers are made by adding some metal prints to the surface of paper. The use of such wallpapers makes the walls feel more generous and capable. To create a magnificent feeling, but for many young people, this wallpaper is too tacky, the general market price is about 20-110 yuan per square meter.

What is good wallpaper - diatomaceous earth material

Today, people are very concerned about the environmental protection of the living room. In order to meet people's requirements, the market has launched an environmentally friendly diatomaceous earth wallpaper. This kind of wallpaper is made by adding diatom mud on the base paper. The surface of the material is rough and matte, and the appearance is more elegant, but it is very strong in abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, and it has sound insulation and heat insulation. , good permeability and other characteristics, but the diatomaceous earth wallpaper should be relatively hard and relatively crisp, so it is easy to break, not easy to clean, the price on the market ranging from 20 to 200 yuan per square meter.

The above is what a good wallpaper on the relevant share, in addition to the above several wallpaper, wallpaper as well as the more common market, pure paper wallpaper, cloth wallpaper, wallpaper and paper and glass fiber wallpaper, etc., we can according to the actual needs renovation And budget to choose the right wallpaper. If you have more related issues, welcome to continue to pay attention to this site, and later will bring more exciting content for everyone.

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