The heating equipment used in the South is the baseboard heating. This product not only meets the needs of consumers in terms of environmental protection skills, but also brings great advantages in installation and maintenance. Following small to tell you about why the use of more and more people skirting warm and advantages skirting warm radiator ratio.

Why are more and more people using kick warmers?

1, the material, the baseboard of this product, its heating is different from the ordinary floor heating it is the use of the PEX floor heating pipe, and it is the use of magnesium alloy such an aviation-grade profile extrusion molding, This product has strong corrosion resistance and heat dissipation in terms of material.

2, the production process, the baseboard heating it is the kind of water pipe, and this pipe has a 10 micron thick zinc cathode oxide film on the inner wall of the pipe, this product has the direct isolation of water and the substrate Contact, the most important thing is that its process level is to meet international standards, and then say it on the surface is the use of a vacuum transfer process, is a high temperature, wind-resistant products, long-term use it will not change color.

3, Kick warm This product is not only a heating device at the same time it can play a decorative role, the installation can be installed around the corner, the length of the installation will be relatively long, relatively speaking, its cost is relatively high, but It's worth using.

Advantages of kicker heating radiators

1. Compared with ordinary radiators, the advantages of kicker warm are as follows:

This product can design heating and baseboard decoration into one, and it also does not occupy the wall position, it will not affect the placement of furniture, the most important thing is not to destroy the overall layout, nor will it face the wall It is the most energy-saving and environmentally-friendly product that has an impact and warming up. This heating method can be the perfect heating system for the old house.

2, compared with the floor heating, inwarm kick warm, has the following advantages:

It is not necessary to raise the ground when installing, and the most important time will not affect the headroom. There is no requirement for ground installation materials. It can be said that this kind of product is the most perfect way to decorate a house that has been renovated.

If you want to compare the warming up, you can heat it up more than 10 times faster than the floor heating. When the gas boiler is on, it takes only 1 minute. Then you can see that the temperature of the kicker's warm surface can reach its maximum. If the time reaches 10 - 20 minutes, then the indoor temperature can reach 20 degrees, and the floor heating will take 4 hours to reach.

This product is the most energy-saving, if it compares it with the floor heating, it can reach more than 70% in terms of energy-saving, and use it to the human body without any harm; is a relatively easy product to repair, mainly this product Its entire system is oxygen-resisting and will not produce Legionella when it is used. It does not need to be cleaned for long-term use. This product basically does not require maintenance.

Summary: About the reason why the use of kick warmer is more and more than the advantages of the kicker heating radiator than the relevant content is introduced to this, kick warmer is currently more popular a heating equipment, install it not only the overall effect Well, the most important thing is that it is more convenient for later maintenance.

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