LED desk lamp has various styles, but now there are many types of LED desk lamp light sources available in the market, and there are many advantages. It is called a green light source, so it has always been favored by consumers. Then, we will introduce the damage caused by led lamps to the eyes and the method of purchasing led lamps.

Led lamp damage to eyes

1, Blu-ray damage

The light source emitted by a led lamp is mainly blue light because led light is mainly excited by blue light and the wavelength is ultra-low, then the excitation ability is stronger. On the contrary, if the wavelength becomes larger, then the excitation ability will be reduced, if people have long-term light source. One of the eyes is easily affected by blue light.

2, a single light source

Led light source is a single, if the eyes work under such a light source for a long time, it has a certain influence on the eyes, the eye visual spirit is easily affected, but also prone to fatigue, so try to avoid the choice of a single light led table lamp.

3, lack of detection

In recent years, many led lamps have lacked detection. In this way, the degree of eye damage caused by led lamps will greatly increase, so it is very important to detect the led light source.

4, slight radiation

LED desk lamps not only cause eye damage, but also cause slight radiation, so when choosing a led table lamp, try to choose a brand with high quality and high popularity, so that the radiation will be reduced a lot.

Led lamp purchase method

1, view strobe

Strobe is actually the fluctuation of the frequency, this fluctuation will affect the visual fatigue and headache. Therefore, when you purchase, you should pay attention to pick up the mobile phone lens to align with the lamp source. If there is a streak or jitter in the screen of the mobile phone, it should be carefully purchased.

2, check the Blu-ray

Working for a long time under blue light will cause damage to the eyes, so when purchasing it depends on the photobio-safety level on the product. This photobiological safety level is divided into: low hazard level, medium hazard level and high hazard level.

3, check the color temperature

If long-term use of LED lamps with unmatched color temperatures will affect people's eyesight. Therefore, when buying, please pay attention to the color temperature range is more suitable for 4000K-5000K, this can be viewed on the product logo.

4, check the color index

LED desk lamp color rendering index will affect eye fatigue, so pay attention to the color rendering index, a good color rendering index of 90 or even 95.

Editor's summary: on the led table lamp damage to the eyes and led table lamp purchase methods are introduced here, I hope to be helpful to everyone, want to know more relevant knowledge can focus on this site information.

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