There are many styles of house design. Different styles give us different effects. So we have some design skills. We also need to choose the style according to the type of house. But now people like it more. Modern style, then how about the modern three-bedroom and two-bedroom decoration style ? What are the precautions for the modern three-bedroom and two-bedroom decoration? Next, let me introduce you to the small series of the decoration home network.


First, the modern three-bedroom and two-bedroom decoration style

1. The space of modern style home, the color will jump out. The use of high-purity colors is bold and flexible, not only for the follow-up of modern style homes, but also for the display of individuality. The entire living room is dominated by pure red, red sofas, red background walls, red carpets, and no exaggeration. Multi-functional cabinet for the sofa background, a combination of cabinet shape pulley sliding doors, and a large number of application materials aluminum and glass, are modern-style furniture, a common decorative techniques, brings avant-garde, unfettered It feels that the stylish and simple accessories on the cabinets make the space a bit more fashionable because of its pure color.

2. The modern style has modern characteristics, and its decoration reflects the functional and rational principles. In the simple design, you can also feel the individuality concept. Colors are often based on intermediate colors such as brown (light brown, brown, ivory) or gray (white, gray, black); materials - artificial decorative panels, glass, leather, metal, plastic, etc., with straight lines The performance of modern features.


Second, the modern three-bedroom two hall decoration points

1. Modern style furniture must be simple and practical, so when choosing furniture, you should buy it according to your own needs. However, it is necessary to spend more time on the choice of lamps. Because the furniture is too simple, you need to use lights to set off the furniture. You can choose lighting, background lighting and artistic lighting to make the whole space look less monotonous.

2. Metallic lamps. Metal is the product of an industrialized society and the most powerful means of embodying a minimalist style. Metal lamps of various shapes are representative products of modern minimalism. A large number of new materials such as tempered glass and stainless steel are used as auxiliary materials, which are also common decorative methods for modern style furniture, which can bring avant-garde and unconstrained feeling.

3. Modern style gives people a relaxed and free space experience. There is a certain emphasis on the decoration. There is a certain emphasis on its style and materials. First of all, you can choose bright white, bright white space to give people comfort and The feeling of beauty and coexistence, followed by new materials such as tempered glass and stainless steel as accessories, can bring a modern and avant-garde, unconstrained feeling. Material selection of furniture substantially unique simple lines, and reflects the functional design.

There are many kinds of styles for decoration houses. Modern styles are preferred by people. So what are the characteristics of the modern three-bedroom and two-bedroom decoration styles and the main points of decoration? I think everyone has read the introduction of the above-mentioned small series. If you still want to know more about decoration information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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