• Model NO.: 0.8mm TW897A
  • Cross Sectional Shape: Round
  • Type: Loop Tie Wire
  • Metal Wire Drawing: Cold Drawing
  • Thickness: Metal Thick Wire
  • Diameter: 0.8mm, 1.57mm
  • Fitting Rebar Tier: Rb397/395/392, Rb655/650/650A
  • The Packing: 50 Coils/Carton, 50 Cartons/Pallet
  • Original: China
  • Using: Floor Heat Pipe, Building, Construction
  • Specification: 0.8mm, 1.57mm
  • HS Code: 84679910
  • Material: Galvanized Iron Wire
  • Application: Construction Wire Mesh, Fence Mesh, Decorative Mesh, Gabion Mesh, Used on The Rebar Tying Machine
  • Surface Treatment: Coated
  • Status: Soft State
  • Brand: Bld
  • Quality Same as: Max Tw897A, Tw1525
  • Available Material: Galvanized/Black Annealed/Ss/PVC Coated
  • MOQ: 2500coils
  • Sample: Free
  • Trademark: BLD
  • Origin: Hebei, China
MAX original Tie Wire(China suppliers and exporters)

TW897A rebar tie wire for rebar tying machine
MAX Rebar Tying wire, regular packing:50 coils per carton.
One carton of TW897A tie wire for RB397, RB395, RB392 rebar tying machine
Includes 50 coils per carton
Weight of one carton:44 lbs.
Material:Galvanized, Black Annealed, Stainless Steel, PVC Coated
Packing:50 coils/carton,50 cartons/pallet
Rebar Tie Wire Tw897/Fit Max Rb397/Rebar Tying Wire Coils

Also, we do produce the TW1525 rebar tie wire, as the following informations:
BLD-0041 rebar tying machine fitting rebar tie wire:TW1525 rebar tie wire
Rebar Tie Wire for RB650, RB650A, RB655, BLD-0041 and other similar rebar tying machine
Material:Galvanzied, annealed, pvc coated wire
Packing:50 coils/carton, 50 cartons/pallet
Rebar Tie Wire Tw897/Fit Max Rb397/Rebar Tying Wire Coils

Precast concrete products, Building foundation, Road and bridge construction, Floors and walls, Radiant heating tubes, Retaining walls, Swimming pool walls etc.
Rebar Tie Wire Tw897/Fit Max Rb397/Rebar Tying Wire Coils

If you are interested with the rebar tie wire,  kindly contact us.
Manufacturer:Anping Chunsheng Hardware Mesh Co., Ltd.
Contact:Jessica Wang

3000 Lbs Winch

3000 Lbs electric winch are 12 v and 24 v DC winches.

It can be used for marine railway, atv or boat applications.

If you need to get something unstuck, lifted, or loaded, an electric winch can save a ton of back-breaking work.

The hardest part may be deciding which one you need.

Winches are commonly available with either a 12V DC or a 110V AC motor.

For fixed operations, such as a marine railway, a 110V winch works well because it can be plugged into an electrical outlet.

For portable applications or use with a vehicle as the anchor, a 12V winch is the way to go. These units can be hard-wired into a vehicle or simply hooked up to a battery.

The next consideration is capacity-what weight rating should you look for? As a general rule, take the maximum load that you expect to winch and multiply it by 1.5. The weight rating is based on the first wrap of the cable around the drum. With each layer of cable, the pull capacity actually drops, so when in doubt, go larger.

Always stay well to the side of a working winch, and always drape a heavy jacket or tarp over the line. If a cable breaks, the heavy material will help absorb the energy of the taut cable as it snaps back, and reduce the chance of injury.

If a load outweighs your winch rating, remember those high school physics lessons about pulleys and mechanical advantage. You can double the pulling capacity by [doubling" the line. Run it through a Snatch Block attached to the object you`re moving and then back to a fixed object. Twice the capacity, however, equals half the pulling speed.

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