The cost has gradually “retreated to the second line”, and the demand and mentality have become the “dominant factors” that determine the direction of the domestic steel market. According to the latest market report provided by the well-known steel information agency “My Steel”, in the recent week, the forward price of steel futures has fallen all the way, and the decline has been obvious. The “market outlook” in the spot steel market has turned significantly, generally From optimism to caution, this has caused spot prices to decline.

In the weak decline of the steel market, demand and mentality gradually rose to the “dominant factor” of the market. Although the market demand for steel products has improved slightly from the previous period, the low-priced resources have been sold well, but the transactions of high-priced resources are still not smooth. The financial pressure of some steel traders has already appeared, and the market inventory is gradually increasing. However, in the short term, there is still no possibility that the market will have a sharp correction.

According to analysis, the domestic construction steel market is relatively heavy. People in the market reported that although Hebei Iron and Steel Group, Shagang, Maanshan and other manufacturers have successively raised the ex-factory price and want to continue to push up the market price, but the demand is weak and the transaction is not smooth, so that the "push up" behavior is brought The taste of a "strong heart" is very "out of date" and may even bring more side effects to the weak market. In addition, the futures contract price of rebar fell rapidly, and it also released panic into the spot market, and business confidence was greatly affected. Specifically, the weakness of the market can be divided into three levels: “Inventories continue to rise, capital is tightened, and demand is picking up slowly.” It is difficult to provide too much support for steel prices.

The domestic hot-rolled coil market is in a wide range of fluctuations. From the market feedback, at the beginning of the week of the week, most traders are still bullish, and the intermediate demand has also improved significantly. However, in the process of falling futures prices, the “intermediate demand” of the spot market has shrunk dramatically. The mentality is weakening. Steel mills such as Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Taigang Steel and Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., while the market price continued to fall, still raised the ex-factory price against the trend, which will make the cost of the late spot market resources tend to be high, which is not conducive to the homeopathic shipment of the merchants.

The domestic cold-rolling market was weakly consolidating, the overall transaction was weak, and the business sentiment was slightly pessimistic. At present, the cold rolling stocks in mainstream cities are still at a high level. The low-priced resources in the previous period have not been fully digested, and the merchants have the power to “wind the price”. In the volatile market, the downstream performance is also more cautious, the transactions in the market are not positive, and the wait-and-see mood is dominant.

Relevant analysts believe that the pattern of weaker domestic steel market is gradually taking shape, and the “cost support” that comes from the rising of raw material prices is inevitably releasing the accumulated risk space, coupled with the continuous decline in long-term prices. The multiple negative factors such as weakened middle demand and low traders' confidence will work together in the market, and the spot market will have a hard time getting rid of the shadow of the downturn.

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