From the essence of meaning, the most essential judgment standard of any product is unchanged, just like the anti-theft lock. Its judgment standard is anti-theft performance. With the development of society and scientific progress, its anti-theft performance is continuously improved. Improvements in some aspects are also for more stable and reliable anti-theft performance. This is not to say that other aspects are not important, but the main purpose of all other improvements is to improve the anti-theft performance of the product;

For example, the anti-theft lock, from all aspects of improvement, from the following aspects:

First, in terms of materials;

The change of the wooden structure from the lock of the wooden structure found in the Yangshao culture to the current manganese steel lock is a change process from the material selection. During the change of the material, the anti-destructive performance of the lock is continuously improved. ;

Second, technically:

Since the ancient locks and the technical unlocking are the contests of "the height of the magic is one foot and the height of the road is one foot", it is forcing the two to improve in constant competition; while people are pursuing safety, they are also experiencing some unsafe tests. Therefore, our locks have evolved from simple log locks to various types of anti-theft locks, such as fingerprint locks, password locks, pupil identification locks, blood vessel identification locks, etc., various types of locks, But its essence is the continuous improvement of anti-theft performance.

Third: From the perspective of people:

From the ancient "the road is not left behind, the night is not closed" to the present, people are pursuing high-performance security; this also reflects the emergence of some new demands in the process of social progress. With the continuous development and progress of society, our standard of requirements will increase.

Fourth: diversification of needs:

The development of the lock is also a complete history, from the ancient one to open a lock, to the current key to open a few locks (invincible organization lock), more keys to open a lock (invincible three-in-one lock ), two keys and one lock (tank lock), mechanical and electronic combined lock (invincible CLIQ lock), etc., the locks that appear in various needs are the products of the times.

It can be seen from the above information that with the advancement of the times, the development of science and technology, the development of locks is changing with each passing day, but the basic requirements of the anti-theft lock in its own anti-theft performance are constantly improving, and it is also required to emphasize the anti-theft performance. The brand value of its products and related industry affirmation, customer recognition and other comprehensive considerations.

Therefore, anti-theft performance is the main reference standard, but the added value contained in its brand lock has become an indispensable consideration. In the market, who can keep up with the requirements of the times and meet the needs of different customers, who will stand out in the market and take the initiative.

In the continuous testing of the market in recent years, the Israeli MUL-T-LOCK invincible lock, as well as its distributor in China, Shenzhen Changen Company, has gained more and more recognition, and the market maturity and reputation have been continuously improved. The more attention comes to the industry and customers, and the more humanized and diverse products are recognized.

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