The two sessions focused on the "12th Five-Year" starting line, how can we accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, how to accelerate the promotion of strategic emerging industries, how to let the people share the fruits of economic and social development... Click on the proposal of the CPPCC National Committee members in Jiangsu, a series of topics The wisdom of experts reflects the attention of the whole society and outlines the good intentions of the next five years from different angles. The key is to put the ability of independent innovation to the above. "The innovation capability and level of China's emerging industries are very different from those of developed countries. There is a very obvious gap in developing countries. In the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China's strategic emerging The development of the industry requires acceleration." Liu Xiufan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, used the calmness of scholars to objectively analyze the status quo and problems faced by China's emerging industries. The first is the lack of innovation investment, and the policy guidance needs to be strengthened. The second is that the ability of independent innovation is not strong. Although some fields have already ranked among the top in the world in terms of scale, they lack independent core technology and independent brand products. The third is that the technology innovation support service system is incomplete, and the fiscal and taxation financial investment policies are in urgent need of improvement. The fourth is the shortage of innovative talents, especially for high-end talents. How can emerging industries “accelerate”? The most important thing is to increase investment, ensure that the growth of fiscal technology investment is significantly higher than the increase of fiscal recurring income, increase support for the construction of scientific and technological basic conditions of strategic emerging industries, and focus on solving major scientific and technological problems in industry and regional economic and social development. . At the same time, integrate and utilize existing policy resources and funding channels, establish a stable financial input growth mechanism, set up a special fund for the development of national strategic emerging industries, and focus on supporting major industrial innovation development projects, major application demonstration projects, and industrialization of major innovation achievements. Innovative capacity building, etc., support key and common technology research and major industry innovation and development. Liu Xiufan proposed that the construction of the university science park should be accelerated, and the university science park should be built into an emerging and dynamic technology research and development base, an innovation and entrepreneurship base and a high-tech industrialization base. We must vigorously introduce and cultivate high-level talents urgently needed by emerging industries, focusing on energy-saving and environmental protection, new-generation information technology, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, new energy vehicles and other emerging industries. And the introduction of core talents, attracting a group of overseas talents who master core technologies. The new energy industry is looking forward to "overall competitiveness" "Although China's new energy industry has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, it has mastered relatively advanced industrial technologies, especially the photovoltaic industry, wind power industry, etc. However, the industrial concentration is low, regardless of the number of enterprises. In terms of production scale and industrial chain support, there is a big gap with developed countries.” Huang Yinhui, a member of Tsinghua University who proposed to graduate from the early years, suggested that the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” should strengthen the macro guidance for the development of new energy industry, standardize and promote the industry. development of. It is necessary to build a new energy research and development and technology industrialization application base, and to create an important promotion and application demonstration zone at home and abroad on some new energy technology products. We will promptly introduce preferential measures in tax incentives, financing loans, on-grid tariff subsidies, government procurement, product demonstration applications, and high-tech enterprise identification, and establish a new energy industry support policy system. In order to enhance the overall competitiveness of the new energy industry, Mr. Huang Yinhui suggested that a number of state-level new energy industrial bases should be identified on the basis of full investigation and overall planning, giving priority to land use indicators, financial support, tax and fee concessions, etc. . Taking the existing leading enterprises of new energy as the core, attracting a batch of new energy equipment, raw materials and supporting products to create a new domestic energy source that can represent the domestic advanced technology level and realize the “one-stop” configuration of new energy. Industrial clusters. At the same time, based on new energy core enterprises and leading products, the two ends of the new energy industry chain will be extended. In addition, we should also aim at the major machine products integrated with technology and promote the industrial chain to the high end of the value chain. Strengthen policy guidance and promote the new energy industry to promote from the supporting products to the whole machine products through independent research and development, cooperative development and acquisition of overseas R&D strength.  

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