The "indoor heater" is currently used as a standard module for integrated ceilings. It is a heating device installed in the bathroom and is mainly used to increase the indoor temperature. How to buy a good "indoor heater"? The following analysis by the integrated ceiling experts for everyone's analysis: The first thing to note is that many customers often equate indoor heaters with traditional Yuba. Here to explain, the traditional Yuba can only warm part of the space, such as the upper body, and the indoor heater It is to increase the overall temperature of the room.

After understanding this, I will introduce the following content:

Product Packaging: Graphic printing on the packaging should be exquisite and clear, the logo printing is accurate, the implementation standard of the product should be printed on the packaging box, whether it passed the 3C certification, manufacturer's name and address, and contact telephone number.

Product accessories: The product should be accompanied by a switch board or other accessories. The product package should be accompanied by instructions, product certification and warranty card.

Masks and cabinets: The surface is smooth, no fog, high temperature, and high flame retardancy. Such as many consumers like Dongcan Electric, due to the use of aluminum alloy panels, metal box can be high temperature, which is generally used PPO, ABS plastic products can not be compared.

Infrared heating lamp: The product design safety factor is placed first, and the product needs to use high-quality quartz hard glass. The product with high thermal efficiency and power saving, and undergoing strict explosion-proof and service life testing is considered to be a good product.

PTC heating element: PTC heating element can realize high-power constant temperature heating, because of its advantages of constant temperature heating, high heat conversion rate, no open flame, minimal influence of power supply voltage fluctuation, long normal service life and other traditional heating elements. Electric heater heating applications are more and more widely used.

Soft light: High-quality soft light has high luminous efficiency, long service life and energy saving. In general, some famous brands are better able to guarantee quality.

Motors: Good motors generally have overheating safety devices that must pass 3C certification.

Summary: The electric heating module of the integrated ceiling is one of the most important modules of the product. When we choose to purchase it according to our analysis, we can install the integrated ceiling with the best cost-effective ratio to the home.

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